Rebecca Steele and Lydia Rosenberg

Anytime Dept.

3025 Colerain Ave

Cincinnati OH 45225

Our Open Sign on Loan:  Untitled  John Schlesinger, 2017  neon

Our Open Sign on Loan:


John Schlesinger, 2017


Anytime Dept. Members:

Directors: Lydia Rosenberg and Rebecca Steele

Interns: Corbly Brockman, Bridget Pavlick, Brandon Benitez, Sydney Rains, Audrey Patterson

Chef: Jared Miller


Anytime Dept. is an artist-run curatorial and event programming collaborative founded in 2017 by Rebecca Steele and Lydia Rosenberg in Cincinnati, OH.

Curatorial projects emphasize the importance of local exposure to the experimental practices of national artistic communities, while providing artists a space to produce work outside of the immediate pressures of a market.

Anytime Dept. works with emerging and mid career contemporary artists to exhibit work and engage in rigorous projects that support and produce thoughtful dialogues between artists and intellectual communities.

Anytime Dept. hosts and develops a meal in honor of visiting artists as an additional point of engagement with members of the local community. Anytime Dept. sites the table as an essential point of contact.

Participating artists work with Anytime Dept. to develop a public interaction in the form of a lecture, performance, or workshop which sometimes involves collaborations or opportunities for local folks.